How weapon dealers are profiting from the tragedy of refugees

The arms industry is profiting in two major fields from the current conflict in the Middle East: war and border militarization. The Middle East is in need for weapons for its conflicts and at the same time the borders are being closed and „protected“ from the consequences of war: Refugees.
The so called „flow of refugees“ is the result of violence and civil wars that were made possible by the support of the arms industry.
International players in the weapon business (weapon-producers) have an interest in keeping the Middle East an instable region, because this provides them work for the future. European policies support the producers and help them to reach their goal. Many groups in border-regions are getting money from the EU, to militarize or close their borders and therefore make it impossible for migrants to find a way to Europe. A report by the UN confirms that between 2005 and 2014 weapons worth more than 82 billion Euros were sent to the Middle East and Northafrica. The report shows that the wirepullers of this weapon-game are neither situated in the Middle East nor getting harmed by the consequences. (keyword: Syria)

Despite restrictions and embargos, the weapon-producers feed the war with technically advanced weapons and ensure, that the war continues. Most informaiton about the weapon trade doesn‘t reach the public sphere and many deals are made in an illegal way. Thus it is evident that this trade is only possible because it gets supported by the governments in Europe and by the military institutions in the war regions. The weapon-dealer alone wouldn‘t be able to participate in this business without the support mentioned before. The militarized borders are forcing the refugees to take ways to Europe that are getting more dangerous. This fuels human trafficking and makes the prices rise. Human rights are irrelevant and only serve for the purpose of advertising.  The politicians abuse the situation to push through their national interests and they camouflage their actions with the disguise of human rights. This does not rescue any Refugees. The EU has always been really good at passing on guilt to human trafficking. This has led to a situation in which the EU isn‘t being criticized.  For many years, experts and human rights organizations have been pointing out that this is a problem. This has been ignored by the public. The number of casualties and the people who were being forced to migrate because of the enduring conflicts is rising. In this context governments and the arms industry are not only playing with weapons but also with the fear of the people.

The author of this text wrote what he experienced while he was fleeing and what he found out from different social networks.