Internetcafé, Planet 13

Free German language, use of internet and computers,IT courses, help on how to write letters and job applications, scanning of pictures, documents and editing of images, service station for laptops and PCs and much more.
The “uni from below” provided by the internet café Planet13 offers a platform for seminars, speeches, workshops and discussions.

Klybeckstrasse 60, 4057 Basel


General counselling and German courses for migrant persons.

Florastrasse 12, 4057 Basel

Anlaufstelle für Sans-Papiers

Counselling, gathering and offers for persons without a residence permit, free of charge.

  • Basic health care and medical treatment
  • Health counselling
  • Social and legal counselling

Rebgasse 1, 4057 Basel


A no-border art space operated by artists and thoughtful minds who oppose Europe’s closed border policies and its refugee camp strategies.

Freiburgerstrasse 36, 4057 Basel

Zur Bleibe

A living room open for anational kitchen and ideas, for celebrations, information transfer, discussion and do-it-yourself creativity.

Müllheimerstrasse 157, 4057 Basel

Sur Le Pont

A space / group in which people originating from Basel and people migrated to Basel meet to organise regular joint activities and sporadic events. This is the case in weekly sports activities, like volleyball, soccer and other team sports, in gardening together and with a monthly joint dinner. In intervals of several months, the group also organizes a major festival event.


breakfast, free of charge (Mo – Fr, 07:30-09:30),
dinner for CHF 3.- (Mo – Fr, 17:15-19:30)
Sunday brunch, free of charge (09:00-11:00)

Lindenberg 21 4058 Basel


Soup for free and a living room.

Solothurnerstrasse 8, 4053 Basel

Hirscheneck, OFF Bar, Carambolage Bar, Infoladen Magazin

Self-governed places: concerts for free with collection (pay as you please), political discussion, meeting people, bar.

Capri Bar

SOLIDINNER every friday 7pm

Inselstrasse 79, 4057 Basel

Stop Racial Profiling

Platform against racial profiling – regular meetings in Basel, seeking ways to actively oppose racist identity checking.


Verein Solikonto

Solidarity funding for migrants in finacial distress.

These hints and many more can be found in: Guide book Basel to urban space open for everyone, irrespective of origin, residence, permit and income.