Thoughts about the anonymous publication of texts in FIASKO

The articles in the FIASKO are written by individuals and then critically discussed in the collective. We could never completely agree if and in what form we should mention the names of the authors* in the journal. In a common understanding of the media, the name of an author* serves to make a text more reliable and serious, particularly because it serves as an address for questions and criticism. Nevertheless, there are some important reasons to renounce the statement of author names in the context of this journal. On the Wone hand it is about protection. Some authors* prefer for their own safety, not to be related directly with this journal. Asylum authorities could put pressure on people in the process and some contents could be problematic in legal terms. On the other hand, none of us wants to distinguish oneself by writing these texts and the name of the author* should not be of more interest than the content. Finally some of us are just uncomfortable with seeing their own name published in a journal. To estimate, with which motivation and from which position a text is written, we decided, to add a contextualisation at the end of a text. There are also the discussion evening and an e-mail address. We are looking forward to receive reviews through these channels, to stimulate the discussion and continue our debate together.